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PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 with the purpose of providing an independent consulting service to the packaging industry of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The company offers a wide range of services, including

  • concept development
  • package development
  • materials selection
  • package sourcing
  • cost reduction
  • promotional packaging development

PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd can also take care of:

  • packaging equipment evaluations
  • production line evaluations.
packtech solutions

Packtech Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in sound knowledge of and wide experience in the pharmaceutical, confectionery and food packaging industry. This knowledge and experience is combined with strong technical skills and extensive hands-on development experience to provide practical, actionable solutions to business issues.

PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd enjoys a worldwide network and contact base with

  • packaging material suppliers
  • converters and
  • packaging equipment suppliers

As a result, concept development, new product development and implementation can be handled by one consulting resource, encouraging a partnership between consultant and client.

packtech solutions

Owner/Director, Pierre Pienaar, has more than 23 years experience in the packaging industry and has worked with over 100 packaging-related companies in Australasia, Africa, Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Middle East and Asia.

Pierre has spent 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry as Packaging Development Manager for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the southern hemisphere. He also has extensive experience in the food, confectionery and contract-packing environment.

Pierre Pienaar has:

  • a Master of Science degree in Packaging Engineering and Technology from Brunel University in London
  • a Master Diploma in Production Management from the University of Herefordshire, England.
  • lectured internationally on packaging for more than 15 years and is currently one of two appointed tutors for the South East Asia region for the Australian Institute of Packaging diploma courses in Packaging Technology.
  • judged at the National Gold Pack Awards of Southern Africa, PICA Awards, World Stars for international packaging, and the FOOD Challenge Awards in Australia.
Pierre Pienaar
  • been a past national president of the Institute of Packaging of South Africa.
  • served on the World Packaging Organization (WPO) Board (1994/1995)
  • extensive international packaging experience; having done packaging auditing and packaging project management in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and United Kingdom
  • delivered numerous papers at international symposiums, congresses, seminars and conferences

He is currently a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Packaging and a professional member of Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

The benefits of using a company such as PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd :

The company does not sell packaging machinery or equipment, packaging materials or products. This is advantageous in its objective delivery of solutions to packaging queries. All project income is derived solely from consulting services performed. No sales commissions are accepted on recommended materials and or equipment from within the packaging supplier industry.

The company’s aim is to build a relationship with the client and to provide the best possible solution considering the most effective cost and elements of adequate protection.

packtech solutions

Experience has often revealed that the problems of packaging production lines become the responsibility of the plant engineers. Machinery, and not the science of packaging, is such an engineer’s forte.  PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd  has extensive experience in production lines and enjoys working in a team with  clients’ staff in order to improve overall packaging efficiency.

So often, companies are oblivious to opportunities which could make substantial savings across the board in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, including storage and transport.

Structured Approach

Clients often ask PackTech Solutions initially to consult in a confined area of packaging but are open to any additional cost-saving recommendations. These savings regularly surprise a client and can be found in packaging materials, equipment, productivity, quality or a general, greater satisfaction with the package.

Standard of Ethics

  • PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd will at all times :

    • protect the safety, health, and welfare of the public and the client in the fulfillment of professional duties, and will refuse assignments rather than compromise personal standards of integrity.
    • accept only contracts in which they have complete competence.
    • treat all information relating to the business affairs of a client as confidential, including the client’s anonymity, if requested. Confidentiality is highly regarded by the company.
    • pursue knowledge and professional development in packaging to provide clients with up-to-date advice.
    • charge a  fee structure commensurate with general consulting fee structures.
    • offer sincere observations and recommendations to its clients

Customer satisfaction

The company prides itself on customer satisfaction. Building a lasting relationship with clients is an important goal for PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd.

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