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Packaging is like a puzzle...


PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd provides companies with a cost-effective means of maximising their return on proposed or existing end-of-line operations.

The company services large as well as very small organisations, especially where:

  • Full-time professionals are too hard to justify
  • The expertise but not the overheads is required

PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd can fill needs which are:

  • Immediate
  • Short term
  • Long term
  • Part-time

PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in :

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging
  • Retail and Consumer Goods Packaging
  • Technology and Electronics Packaging
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Packaging

PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd offers a consulting service which can be tailor-made to fit the client’s needs. This can range from brief surveys of a day or two, to long-range studies and in-depth analysis of multi-plant sites. Proposals are prepared and quoted as specified by the client



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