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Packaging is like a puzzle...


In a market where “outsourcing” is the buzz-word, PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd  fills the niche. The company offers clients the opportunity to temporarily call in a consultant with the knowledge, experience and expertise to save many dollars spent annually in packaging and related areas.
These areas may focus on:


  • Cost reduction ideas while working with a client, its staff and even its suppliers.
  • Packaging spend and cost reduction analysis
  • Standardising packaging where possible to save costs.
  • Rationalising packaging to save costs and to simplify operations
  • Material selection and supplier sourcing
  • Procurement assistance in packaging componentry and packaging machinery / equipment.
  • Packaging specification systems
  • Competitor specification examination
  • Packaging supplier auditing

Supply Chain / Logistics

  • Rationalising packaging to save costs and simplify operations
  • Supply Chain / distribution solutions and assessments
  • Shipping efficiency improvement
  • Transit damage assessment and correction
  • Ensuring correct distribution dynamics
  • Checking feasibility of a returnable / reusable handling system
  • Focusing on protecting goods shipped.
  • Eliminating damage reduction and/or cost improvement
  • All barcode system requirements
  • Space optimisation using pallet cube analysis  
  • Design with distribution in mind

New Product Design / Marketing

  • Packaging design and development
  • Damage reduction design and product protection
  • Packaging testing and market testing to multi-plant packaging reviews with general recommendations.
  • Packaging assessment
  • Simple packaging advice
  • Concept generation
  • Performing fragility assessments during design
  • Re-design and correcting weak or poor designs
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    Technical / Packaging / Engineering

    • Creating packaging specifications for all packaging componentry
    • Standardising packaging to save costs
    • Packaging line analysis geared towards cost reduction, efficiency improvement and throughput optimisation
    • Packaging engineering assessments and feasibility studies
    • General day-to-day packaging functions
    • Innovative, cost effective packaging
    • Innovative, cost efficient packaging
    • Improving existing forms of packaging
    • Group savings through significant changes in operation techniques
  • Packaging engineering requirements on a global scale
  • Diversifying operations and setting up new manufacturing sites
  • Auditing of packaging suppliers
  • Material downgauge, downgrade and design changes
  • Cost justification for proposed installations or upgrades
  • Equipment selection and performance specifications.
  • Installation and commissioning assistance and supervision.
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    Packaging Quality / Management

  • Implementing and monitoring quality standards
  • Improving product quality
  • Improving product image
  • Implementing packaging standards / guidelines
  • Fulfilling packaging management training requirements
  • Arranging for and set up of the test regimen and parameters for laboratory testing of packaging
  • Presenting training courses/seminars on packaging science and technology.
  • Conducting  occasional market surveys for producers of new protective packaging materials
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    Packaging and the Environment

    • Implementing systems to manage packaging waste
    • Fulfilling the requirements of the National Packaging Covenant
    • Ensuring environmentally sound package designs are used
    • Pro-active environmental packaging program
    • Preparing the action plan for submission to adhere to the requirements of the National Packaging Covenant.

    With the National Packaging Covenant being high on the agenda of many Australian companies, PackTech Solutions Pty Ltd assists a client with preparing its submission of Key Performance Indicators for the Covenant Signatory Action Plans of the NPC Mark 2.

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